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The team at Yello Industries specializes in the development, production and commercialization of sustainable and scalable smart solutions that change the way we live. We carry out assignments for external customers with good ideas, in addition to concepts we have invested in ourselves. We are doing life easier.


Our specialist expertise and experience are particularly linked to IoT technology for smart homes, smart mobility and smart tools. With our innovative technology, we work hard every day to bring the next generation of smart products to the market. The products are sold in various distribution in the Nordic market.


Smart Life and security can transform your lifestyle by providing convenience, comfort, and peace of mind. With the ability control your home or vehicle anywhere, you can save time and energy while ensuring the safety of your loved ones and belongings. Upgrade your living experience with smart technology today.

Get to know some of the brands: 

hand holding a orange smartphone with smarthome app.jpg

NICIO Smarter Homes is a leading technology that specializes in smart home automation and security. Learn more.

app controlled orange electric motorcycle standing on charging station.jpg
EVG Smart2_edited.png

EVG Sustainable Travel is a leading technology that specializes in smart and sustainable vehicles .  Learn more.

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